As it is known, we are one of the three shipstores in the world which supply the bonded store needs of all ships passing through the Dardanelles while they are going on their route in a safe and secure way. We are ahead of our competitors with this quality in terms of time which is the most important priority of our present day and our customers.

For this purpose, in our fleet there are four boats in three different categories.

These are:

• DUZGIT ATILIM ve FALCON EXPRESS: Our speedy boat which is used for deliveries when speed and practicibality are important.

• FALCON 2: Our large boat which can navigate under every weather conditions as long as strait traffic is open and harbour master gives permision.

• Düzgit 4 and Hakan K: Especialy we use this for deliveries ,which have to be safe, to LNG and tankers therefore this boats are woodden construction.